innerchild-base45smallerA former scholar of Tibetan Mysticism (not really) and Kafkaesque Cinema (really) now just a dude who writes, draws, and translates. Find me on Facebook:

The first book I ever read was The Once and Future King and it started a healthy obsession with literature. Reading is a gateway drug to the arts. And my two drugs of choice are literature and cinema. I used to have a VHS copy of Seven Samurai. After the 37th viewing, the tape melted.

P.S.: Page is a work in progress. While work is being done, check out my portfolio of art, the most amateurish of amateur art.

Something Like A Resume


  • BA in German Language and Literature (TN, USA)
  • MA in Germanistik (Salzburg, AT & OH, USA)
  • MA in Translation (OH, USA)